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Based in the US, Upstart seeks to inspire and empower the Jewish community’s boldest leaders to dream, build, and grow bold initiatives that enhance the vitality of Jewish life. It’s creating a more just, vibrant and inclusive future. partners with the Jewish community’s boldest leaders to expand the picture of how Jews find meaning and how we come together.

As they say, most Jewish know that Judaism can be a little intimidating, which for some people is a good enough reason to run for the door. Or maybe you gave Judaism a try, but you didn’t get enough out of it to keep you coming back. The fact is that Judaism sometimes gets a bad ray and that’s led to too many people missing out on the good stuff. JewBelong is out to change all that by helping you find the joy, meaning, relevance and connection that Judaism has to offer.

Tablet magazine is always full of great articles and this one on the American Jewish life today resonates with us.

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